Trout Trips

Nothing compares to catching a trout on the fly! The action can be intense and exhilarating. You never know, you're next fish could be the biggest trout of your life. That's what keeps us coming back for more! We primarily Fly Fish for Trout.* If you've never done this before, no problem! A quick lesson and you'll be on your way!


Trout can be caught on the Kenai River at any time of the year.* The best time, however, is in the fall, August through November. By this time of the season the Kenai River trout have been feeding on Salmon eggs and dead Salmon. As you can see by some of the pictures, these trout can get really big.

*The Kenai River is closed for Trout fishing from May 1 to June 14.


We fish in a 20' Willie Drift Boat with a 15 hp Honda motor. The boat comfortably seats 4 guests and is very easy to fish out of. Quality fly rods, reels and tackle are provided. 

Walk-in fishing trips on smaller streams and lakes are available and provide a great opportunity to fish in a quiet and spectacular setting.

*Spinning gear available upon request.